Coolics Oy


Coolics Optima LED spotlights for product and business space lighting.

Outstanding optics, excellent colour reproduction, long lasting power supply, and carefully chosen ecological materials make Coolics Optima the most environment friendly luminaire on the market.

Industrial design made in Finland.

Cool Blue – Casambi based wireless luminaire control system

Coolics Optima product family is available for Casambi control. Coolics offers wirelessly controllable lighting control solutions for indoors such as offices, stores, public places and living spaces.

Wireless control system is perfect for both, redevelopment and newly built spaces. When planning on store lighting, some of the most important criteria are colour temperature, illuminance, and the light colour reproduction.  The control of wireless lighting can be programmed separately for the business space’s general lighting and spot lighting. Cool Optima spotlights are specially made for supermarkets, museums, art galleries, and fashion sector. 

There are different situations and needs for lighting and this is why wireless control is making it easy and spectacular. 

Coolics’ lights include components that enable a wide compatibility with other Casambi Ready products on the market. Because of this, you can choose the right sensor’s product apart of the manufacturer. 

Do not hesitate to contact our lighting professionals. They will help you with the right options.

Wireless controlling of spotlights is easy

Get preferred color temperature with 
Coolics Tunable White spotlights

Movement sensors are in the spotlights

You can have multiple surveillance spots 

Clear reporting

Cool IoT – easy and reliable for tracking customer flows and analytics

Cool IoT is trustworthy. It has a simple set-up for tracking customer flows with sensor-based analytics and reports.

  • Coolics Optima LED- spotlights have built-in functionality
  • A simple set-up for light-rail systems
  • No separate cords or installations
  • Wireless system
  • A real-time tracking, despite where you are
  • Automatic and customised reports
  • Unlimited amount of monitoring points



Cool IoT benefits

  • Understand the behaviour of your customers with real-time tracking of customer flows.
  • Find out the percentage of people that end up visiting your business and what is the effect of weather.
  • Improve the appealing of your business place – take advantage of the routes and movements when optimising lighting and placing products and mannequins.
  • Refine your range of products by removing the products that don’t sell after resettlement.
  • Collect the information of how many people actually buy a (campaign) product and how the pricing affects to it.
  • Improve your sales by measuring the successes with collected information and comparing your individual offices.
  • Control marketing and improve its efficiency by analysing different campaigns with the effects of sales and the number of customers.
  • Enhance employee’s wellbeing with correct luminaires.
  • Optimise your human resources and the store opening hours by the timing and number of your customers.

Cool Track -Look after the flexibility of your business places in different entities and situations.

The light-rail system Cool Track, is an excellent choice when planning on lighting to shopping centers, retail stores, gyms, convenience stores, supermarkets, hypermarket chains, cafes, restaurants and museums.

In addition to the luminaires, the universal profile ensures the connection of many electric devices to the system

Do not hesitate to contact our lighting professionals. They will help you with the right components.