Coolics Oy

Coolics, Finnish Led-light manufacturer and
Tronix Lighting retailer

Coolics – everything in the same package;
lighting, smart control and analytics!

Coolics offers a comprehensive package of excellent luminaires, wireless and smart lighting control that is connected to customer behaviour analysis. 

The light-rail system Cool Track makes sure that you can have flexible implementations at your business places for different needs.

The products are specially designed for convenience stores, supermarkets, hypermarket chains, cafes and restaurants to improve the presentation of products such as fruits, fish, meat, vegetables, bread/pastry, beverages, flowers, shoes and products to be presented in an attractive and marketable way.

The lighting systems are complete designs including the tracks for quick installation of different kind of roof and wall installations.

The-state-of-art feature used in the lights is their smartness. This allows one to remotely adjust the colour temperatures,
lumen ranges, dimness and on/off functionality for opening hours.

The newest revolutionary features Connected to Internet of Things (IoT) spots are customer tracking, automatic lux level adjustments, temperature and humidity control of air.

The other benefits include less parts, lighter spots, higher durability, energy savings as well as lower manufacturing costs

With excellent colour reproduction and luminaires equipped with state-of-art optics, you can ensure the excellent lighting for your products and business

Take care of the environment. Cool Optima is the most environmentally
friendly lighting with longterm power supply and carefully selected ecological

Avoid unnecessary extra costs for cabling and installations.

Control the luminaires wirelessly. The control, dimming and the adjustment of colour temperature (Tunable white) of the luminaires, are possible to manage

With smart control, you can save energy. An automatic timer and responsiveness to
motion and daylight sensors
is possible.

Recognise the customer
behaviour and follow their moves in real time.

You can use this information when selling, marketing, and optimising resources.

These clear reports will tell about the success of campaigns, product
launches and the placement of products.

Look after the flexibility of your business places in different entities and

The light-rail system Cool Track, is an excellent choice when planning on lighting to shopping centers, retail stores, gyms, convenience stores, supermarkets, hypermarket chains, cafes, restaurants and 

In addition to the luminaires, the universal profile ensures the connection of many electric devices to the system

Product selection tool for RETAIL & SHOP Applications

The correct lighting can help sell products by making them more appealing to customers. Coolics offers a wide range of highly efficient LED Luminaires with different CCTs and light emitting surfaces. With this product selection tool, you can find the proper lighting solution for your usage.

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