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Coolics – everything in the same package;
lighting, smart control and analytics!

Coolics is a Finnish manufacturer of smart LED lighting systems designed for supermarkets, hypermarket chains, cafés and specialty stores to improve the presentation of products such as fruit, fish, meat, vegetables, bread/pastry, beverages, flowers, shoes and all products which need to be presented in an attractive and marketable way.

The competitive advantages of the products derive from the patented manufacturing method where the circuit boards and LEDs are inserted into recyclable frames. The benefits include less parts, lighter spots, higher durability, energy savings as well as lower manufacturing costs. The other state-of-the-art feature used in the lights is their smartness. This allows one to remotely adjust the colour temperatures, lumen ranges, dimness and on/off functionality for opening hours.

The newest features connected to Internet of Things (IoT) spots are customer tracking, automatic lux level adjustments, temperature and humidity control of air in the lighted premises etc. The products are divided into three categories using the same spotlight frame, which can
be installed into the same tracks:

Lenses 10 -61 °C,  colour temperatures 2700K-5000K, lumen ranges 1700lm-4000lm,  wattages 17W-37W

COOL BLUE: wireless control via phone or tablet; Dimness, colour temperatures and lux levels, timers etc.

COOL IOT: customer tracking, temperature and humidity control of the air, and automatic lux level adjustments.

COOL TRACK: look after the flexibility of your business places in different entities and situations.

The most important advantages and innovations are:
– Patented manufacturing method; lower costs due to less parts and faster manufacturing process, durability based on inserted leds and circuit boards, frame produced off environmentally friendly composite materials

– Smartness; IoT benefits enable savings and changes to lighting due to remote adjustments, possible to add customer tracking and other features to the lights

– Complete system => everything in the same package, guarantee 5 years.

“We engage and devote ourselves to deliver a tailored and an optimized lighting solution for your company with a professional service!”

Coolics Oy, Jari Kanervisto

CEO, Jari Kanervisto

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